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The University of Manchester is the largest medical school in the UK, and it started using PKB in September 2021. In the last each academic year, 500 students, divided in 120 groups, interacted interacts on our platform.

They are using the ‘simulated model’: the professors gave us some case study data, from which we created some case study patients in our servers. The students look at those fictitious patients and try to solve the medical case, in the context of problem based learning, practising their patients management skills.The school is now looking at the future, and is interested in using our ‘live model’.

Liverpool John Moores University, School of Pharmacy


Our work with the University of Winchester began in June 2022, and involved 30 students from the Department of Nursing, utilising the ‘simulated model’ of PKB during a virtual placement.The team at the University of Winchester is already looking at how to integrate PKB also in other courses, with a plan for the next academic year to use our platform inter-professionally by students of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, which would use PKB to collaborate on patients’ care

In September 2022, PKB was used also by the Physiotherapy School at the same university, during their “Simulated placement preparation week”. More than a hundred students logged into our platform and looked at 2 case study patients, that displayed data such as diagnosis, medications, and ED notes. The students were then asked to fill in some care plans for the patients: a respiratory assessment one and a musculoskeletal one.

Use of PKB is flexible to your needs, contact us and we will discuss together what could the best option for your students.