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Students were divided into different storytelling groups and worked together to play different characters in the story: two students in each group played the role of a midwife and two students played the role of a patient, all using PKB to simulate a real life experience. The ‘patient’ students logged their symptoms, filled in journal entries and sent messages to the ‘midwife’ student all in real time. Roles were swapped halfway through the module when a new patient character was introduced - this allowed students to get experience of both roles.

University of Winchester,


School of


Nursing and



Our work with the University of Winchester began in June 2022, and involved 30 students from the Department of Nursing, utilising the ‘simulated model’ of PKB during a virtual placement. This use has been repeated also the following year, with new students.

In September of 2022, PKB was used also by the Physiotherapy School at the same university, during their “Simulated placement preparation week”. More than a hundred students logged into our platform and looked at 2 case study patients, that displayed data such as diagnosis, medications, and ED notes. The students were then asked to fill in some care plans for the patients: a respiratory assessment one and a musculoskeletal one.

University of Suffolk, School of Nursing

The University of Suffolk started using PKB in June 2023, similarly to the University of Winchester, during a nursing simulated placement.

The nursing students, who are doing a 7 week simulated placement, are using PKB to review two case study patients per week, each representing the clinical specialty which is explored during the week, such as respiratory, cardiac, neurological, mental health... Activities on the platform include filling in a careplan, reviewing their medications, discussing the management programmes, assessing the test results, and considering social and nursing support.

Use of PKB is flexible to your needs, contact us and we will discuss together what could the best option for your students.