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The educators can ask their existing volunteers who already have real PKB records or recruit new volunteers who are willing to share their records. Educators can ask PKB to sign-post to existing PKB patients that the institution is recruiting volunteers.


Implementation Plan for Education

Setting up educational organisation

  1. Sign contract for educational use of PKB

  2. Choose who will register as coordinator users to configure your use of PKB with your educators and students (usually professors or university administrative staff)

  3. Agree with PKB: the model use (simulated/hybrid/live), how the platform will be set up, and which features will be used

  4. Fill in the “set up questionnaire”, provided by the PKB Project Manager

  5. Professors and administrative staff attend the PKB training session

  6. PKB Project Manager to set up the platform and invite the teams' coordinators

  7. Coordinators to register and to invite all the educator who will be involved in monitoring the students’ use of PKB

  8. PKB Project Manager registers as a coordinator and as a professional too, in order to be able to


  1. support the


  1. users if they have issues

Setting up student users

  1. Coordinator invites each student to register using the educational email address of the student

  2. Each student registers for a PKB professional account to use the platform

  3. If agreed with the educators, your PKB Project Manager will provide an introduction to Patients Know Best and a demonstration of how to use the platform to all students during a lecture (remotely)

  4. Educators provide students scenarios, guidance and protocol around how to use PKB, this can include:

    1. Do’s and don’ts of PKB/online etiquette

    2. What functionality will you encourage the students to use

    3. What rules will be applied to the student teams in PKB - how they curate responses to volunteer patients in the platform - encourage shared decision making

Setting up fictitious patients - hybrid model

All patient users on PKB’s education server are volunteers and these individuals are ‘actors’ in the environment. But bear in mind that you don’t need to have patients volunteers in order to use PKB with students: you can create case study patients.


To register the patient users, the Teams' coordinators should:

  1. Create a CSV file of the required number of patient users (PKB Project Manager to send the CSV template file)

    1. Each user needs an email address to receive the invite and fictitious demographics

    2. Patients who don’t want to use their normal email address can set up another one free of charge on or and can do so with a fictitious identity

  2. Upload the CSV to the umbrella team of your organisation

  3. Pre-populate the fictitious patients’ records as required, e.g. with diagnoses, symptoms and allergies etc.

  4. Give your fictitious patients a script and instructions to use PKB (PKB Project Manager to send the instructions)

  5. Allocate each patient user to the relevant student team

Setting up fictitious patients - simulated model

  1. Coordinator creates dummy emails for the case study patients

  2. Coordinator invites the case study patients to register, then completes registration

  3. Coordinator decides who’s the person in charge of adding data to the fictitious patient’s record

  4. Person in charge logs in as a patient and add data to the record.

Explanatory video

Below you can find a video explaining our models of use and some example of how some education institutions are using PKB.