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Financial support is provided as an Educational Grant by Pfizer Limited to enable Patients Know Best to employ a full-time equivalent project manager for a 2-year post to support the deployment of the Patients Know Best (PKB) MedEd Programme Initiative for academic institutions

Professors' reflections


“Our collaboration with Patients Know Best has produced many positive outcomes. Our students are getting a hands-on experience of communicating with patients using remote technologies – something that will prepare them for an increasingly important element of clinical care. The project has also enabled students to find out from patients what it is like to live with a long-term condition through interactions that have taken place over several months. This has allowed them to develop a deeper understanding of the issues patients face than could be achieved in a time-limited classroom teaching session. On top of that, many of the patients involved have gained from their participation, getting support from students and gaining confidence that could help them in their future contacts with healthcare services.” - Dr Andy Ward, Senior Clinical Educator (Leicester University)