Supported operations

Support for Hybrid Mail solutions

Implementation of a hybrid mail work-stream is a common requirement for PKB customers and is one we support through the provision of FHIR APIs.

Our FHIR APIs enable:

  • Generation of invitation tokens for patients.

  • Querying to check if a document has been read.

  • Querying to check the registration status of patients.

Click the link below for further details about how this is supported, along with an example workflow of how this can work with a mail partner:

Support for Single Sign On

Our customers often want to better integrate the use of PKB into their organisation working practices, by making it possible to launch PKB from a link or button within an existing system. A key requirement of which is to ensure a user doesn’t need to log in again using their PKB credentials, and that it can take a professional to a specific patient record when / if required.

PKB has worked collaboratively with some key stakeholders to create “out of the box” workflows that support this requirement. For example, GPs can click through to PKB from EMIS or from SystmOne, and patients can open their PKB medical record in the NHS App using NHS Login.

Our customers can also build similar functionality from their own system(s), using the APIs we provide. Click the link below for details on how this can be achieved:

Support for finding date of last data point

To support customers with knowing the last time a patient record has been updated, this FHIR operation allows:

  • System user to query for the last update to one or many patient records.

  • Patient user type to query for the date of last update to that patient record.

The operation returns the date of most recent data point on record. Date returned is data point from any organisation or entered manually to that patient record.

Full details on how this operation works can be found on the information page dedicated to this operation:


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