Integration Planning and Testing Support

Patients Know Best (PKB) provide support and guidance to our customers and partners that will help them in planning, developing and testing the data feeds and workflows they develop using the API capabilities we provide.

The integrating party is ultimately responsible for their own development, including the data they send to PKB and ensuring that all scoping, development, testing (technical and UAT) and internal sign-off has been completed to appropriate standards. However, PKB will ensure that the use of our API’s is sound from a technical perspective and act as a critical friend to help ensure that all steps in the integration process have been completed to required and expected standards.

To that end, in addition to the information found elsewhere in the Developer Wiki, in this section you will find:

  • Examples of documentation the integrating party and PKB will share and complete to:

    • Capture scoping / configuration decisions for a data feed. The document provides:

      • A list of questions for the integrating party to answer.

      • What PKB recommends or requires as standard.

      • A place to record the response of the integrating party.

    • Provide testing support and gather technical evidence for developed data feeds. The document provides:

      • A tracking sheet to make clear what should be tested as a minimum to ensure the feed integration has been correctly developed.

      • A place to provide example messages for PKB to review.

      • A place to log and track the resolution for any issues / points of clarification related to the example messages provided.

      • A place for additional questions to be asked and responses to be given.

  • FAQ’s for different feeds to aid the understanding of how PKB will process the API messages sent.

NB - Relates to the testing aspect of the HL7 API integration steps.


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