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22.02.2024 - New education partnership: University of Winchester Nutrition and Dietetics course

While our collaboration with the nursing and physiotherapy schools at the University of Winchester continues to flourish, February 2024 marked the inaugural use of PKB by the Nutrition and Dietetics BSc program.

The lecturer chose some case study patients from the pool provided by PKB, did some alterations to them, and made them available for students undertaking the Nutrition and Dietetics simulated placement.

The students registered to the Education side of PKB, simulating their role as professionals. They are instructed to review two patient cases on PKB every week, each presenting a variety of conditions along with pertinent test results, measurements, allergies, and medications, and they are tasked with developing a careplan for the patient. The latter was developed by PKB based on the ‘Dietetic care record’ provided by the lecturers, which in turn will be able to review on the platform how the students filled that in.


02.11.2023 - New education specialty: dietetics