SIU S26: Set DNA for an appointment


The Placer ID (SCH-1.1) is used to identify the appointment.

Relevant entities

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Matched on: [[Appointment.External Data Point ID]] as derived from SCH-1.1

When matched: [[Appointment.Status]] set to DNA. The other details of the appointment are not updated.

When not matched: New [[Appointment]] created (and immediately set to DNA). In this scenario the S26 message will need to conform to the S12 specification to first create the [[Appointment]]. If it does not then PKB will respond with an AR rejection message.


The message structure is the same as an SIU S15; we only need the Placer ID to set the DNA flag.

If the appointment to be flagged as DNA is not known to PKB, then a new appointment will first be created with the provided information, before then being flagged as DNA. To allow the appointment to be created the S26 message will need to include the additional mandatory elements as detailed in the S12 specification.



PID|||9999999999^^^NHS^NH||Smith^John^Joe^^Mr||19700101|M|||Flat name^1, The Road^London^London^SW1A 1AA^GBR||01234567890^PRN~07123456789^PRS|^NET^^^WPN||||||||||||||||N|


This message can be used to schedule a new appointment for a patient. This will appear in the "Calendar" tab in the PKB web interface.

S13 and S14 are functionally equivalent in PKB. They can both be used to update the details of an existing appointment.

S15 can be used to cancel an existing appointment.

The message structure to similar to S12, except that we only need the Placer ID to cancel the appointment.

S26 is used to set the Did Not Attend (DNA) flag for this appointment.


PKB will respond with a standard HL7 acknowledgement.


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