Q2 2023


Wednesday 20th September 2023

Feature updates

1. Updated NHS login button

We have updated the NHS login button so that it meets the latest NHS England style guidelines. This change includes updating the wording to ‘Continue to NHS login’.



1. Blank plan versions

We have resolved an issue occurring on some Android phones whilst editing a plan, which resulted in a new empty version of the plan being saved.

Thurs 29th June 2023

Feature updates

1. GET Questionnaire API

We have added a field to the FHIR Questionnaire API to indicate which team a questionnaire template belongs to. Technical details can be found in the Questionnaire resource specification. The team ID (publisher-reference) can be used as a search parameter to retrieve all questionnaires associated with that team.


1. HL7 ADT A01 encounter messages

We have fixed an issue that prevented the Summary and Events and Messages pages in patients' records loading for professionals where an HL7 ADT A01 message had been sent containing a ZTM segment; ZTM segments are only supported for ADT A28/A31 messages. Both the Summary and Events and Messages pages now load when an HL7 ADT A01 message is sent containing a ZTM segment.

Wed 21st June 2023

Feature updates

1. New measurement: Mood

Patients can now record ‘Mood’ via the Measurements section of their record.

Thurs 15th June 2023

New features

1. Symptoms

We have added 4 new symptoms:

  • Oedema (Fluid retention)

  • Flatulence

  • Acute back pain with sciatica

  • Back pain

Feature updates

1. NHS App (Web version) timeout

We have added a new timeout message for patients accessing PKB from the Wayfinder Appointments section of the NHS App (Web version) to guide them back to the NHS App when they are timed out of PKB.

2. HL7 demographic email notifications

Email notifications about HL7 updates to demographic information will no longer be sent if the changes to a field were only updates to casing or spacing. Previously, spacing was not being ignored for most fields, and additionally casing was not being ignored for phone numbers.


1. Blood pressure measurements

When systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements were received via the EMIS extract the results were inadvertently swapped around in the UI. Both historical and future data for systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements will now be shown the correct way around.

Wed 31st May 2023

Technical improvements

This release contains a number of background changes to improve the system's overall quality.

Weds 24th May 2023

Feature updates

1. NHS login - Age limit

We have raised the minimum age limit for registration via NHS login to 16.


1. HL7 A28/31 messages

We have fixed an issue that was preventing medications, allergies and diagnoses sent in A28/31 messages via HL7 from being processed if they contained a code without a code system. This issue also prevented new patients from being created. Medications, allergies and diagnoses sent in A28/31 messages with a code, but without a code system will now be accepted and added to the patient record for both new and existing patients.

Weds 17th May 2023


1. FHIR Questionnaire reminders

We have resolved an issue that prevented professionals from reminding a patient to complete a questionnaire if it had been sent via our FHIR Questionnaire API endpoint.


We have resolved an issue that prevented the date and time of data points sent into PKB via our REST API from being stored and displayed in the UI. The date and time associated with these data points are now stored and will be displayed in the UI.

Thurs 11th May 2023

Feature updates

1. Sending Questionnaires to patients outside of your team

Organisations can now use our FHIR API to send questionnaires to patients outside of their team. This is useful for services that wish to send questionnaires to patients that have not yet been added to a speciality team.

We have updated the styling of the banner and footer for patients accessing PKB via the NHS Native app to align with NHS style guidelines.

Mon 8th May 2023

Feature updates

1. Questionnaire responses

We have added the ability to search for a questionnaire response via our FHIR API by using a new optional parameter ('based-on’). This new parameter allows customers to search for a questionnaire response matching a procedure request identifier that was specified when the questionnaire was sent. The system and value of the additional identifier can be specified as a chain parameter, based-on:ProcedureRequest.identifier=<system>|<value>when making the GET request to retrieve the questionnaire response. For more information please see Capabilities: Facade Endpoint: Questionnaire Response.

2. Appointment partner

If an appointment is sent containing a management URL for an appointment partner, carers will no longer see the ‘Manage' option for this appointment. We made this change because our appointment partner DrDoctor does not support the concept of carers so the carer could not make changes if they clicked ‘Manage’. For more information on managing 3rd party appointments please see PKB Manual - Appointments.

3. Netherlands patients - Data deletion

Patients in the Netherlands are able to request data from their care providers via an integration with the Medmij organisation. Patients and their carers will now be able to delete data that they have requested be added to their records via the Medmij integration. Previously, patients in the Netherlands could only delete data that they had added themselves.

4. Email notifications - discharge

We have updated the email notifications that patients get when they have been discharged from a team to make it clearer what has happened.

New features

1. Discharging patients via HL7

Organisations can now discharge patients from clinical teams using the HL7 API. A list of aliases can be provided in ZTM-2, to indicate which team(s) the patient should be discharged from. For more information on removing from teams please click here.

Wed 19th Apr 2023

Feature updates

The URLs on the Lab Tests Online website changed so we have updated the links for tests on the Tests age to take patients to the correct Lab Tests Online webpage. This lets patients learn more about their tests from a trustworthy source.

Thurs 13th Apr 2023

Feature updates

This release includes a backend change to allow a feature to be toggled on or off.

Wed 12th Apr 2023

Feature updates

1. Plan Export

The limit on the plan export feature has been increased from 1000 to 8000. Coordinators and Professionals can now click the ‘export plan’ button to export up to 8000 plans.

Wed 5th Apr 2023

Feature updates

1. FHIR Process message

When creating patients via the FHIR Process message endpoint, if a gender value of ‘Other’ is provided, this will be shown as ‘Indeterminate’ when viewing the patient’s profile within PKB. For more information please see https://pkbdev.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/api/pages/3365077610


1. Plans

When a plan was added or updated via an HL7 MDM T02 message, the email notifications still referred to it as a ‘care plan’. These email notifications now say ‘added a plan’ and ‘updated a plan’ to align with the email notifications sent when plans are added or updated via the UI.