PKB maintains a dedicated endpoint at /phr-fhir which exposes a single, custom operation, designed to allow a Messaging-like way of creating new patients.

See Patient/$process-message for more information.

What you can do with this endpoint

  • Create, update, and invite patients to register using the $process-message operation

What you cannot do with this endpoint

  • Read or write any other data


Full details of the supported capabilities are defined in this CapabilityStatement:


The Messaging FHIR endpoint is available at a base of /phr-fhir relative to the server host.

For example, PKB's sandbox environment has a server host address of:

The corresponding Facade FHIR endpoint is therefore available at:


Access to the Messaging FHIR endpoint is protected by OAuth 2.0.

Callers must provide a valid Bearer token in the Authorization HTTP header, which can be obtained from PKB by using the correct workflow for your deployment.

System Clients are also required to provide the X Org Public Id HTTP header.

Please see our OAuth 2.0 documentation for more information.

Validation and business rules



Please see the Examples page for guidance on how to interact with this endpoint.


Please see the Messaging Roadmap page for planned changes to this endpoint.