PKB maintains a Facade FHIR endpoint which provides read-only access to:

  • FHIR representations of non-FHIR data in PKB medical records (for data types not yet supported by the Aggregated FHIR endpoint). For example, data received via our HL7 API can be queried using this endpoint.

  • The aggregation of both FHIR and non-FHIR data (for data types supported by the Aggregated FHIR endpoint).

Only a subset of resource types and elements are supported. Complex access control applies since this contains data from multiple sources.

What you can do with this endpoint

  • Read data from other sources, even if it was provided in non-FHIR format

    • Note: this excludes data provided to a Customer FHIR endpoint

What you cannot do with this endpoint

  • Write data

  • Read resource types or elements that are not yet supported. Please see the Capabilities section for details of what is currently supported.

  • Read resources that you do not have authorisation to see. For example, a resource from a different organisation tagged with a privacy label that has not been granted to the caller.


Full details of the supported capabilities are defined in this CapabilityStatement:



The Facade FHIR endpoint is available at a base of /fhir relative to the server host.

For example, PKB's sandbox environment has a server host address of: https://sandbox.patientsknowbest.com

The corresponding Facade FHIR endpoint is therefore available at: https://sandbox.patientsknowbest.com/fhir


Access to the Facade FHIR endpoint is protected by OAuth 2.0.

Callers must provide a valid Bearer token in the Authorization HTTP header, which can be obtained from PKB by using the correct workflow for your deployment.

System Clients are also required to provide the X Org Public Id HTTP header.

Please see our OAuth 2.0 documentation for more information.

Validation and business rules



Please see the Operation Examples and REST Examples pages for guidance on how to interact with this endpoint.


Please see the Facade Roadmap page for planned changes to this endpoint.