Each customer is allocated 1 dedicated instance for each of their inbound FHIR feeds to PKB. Full read/write support for all REST interactions, for all resource types, available in customer's choice of STU3 or R4. Read/write access to each endpoint is restricted to the customer who owns it.

Note: although a Customer can read all the data they send to a Customer FHIR endpoint directly from that same endpoint, the Aggregated FHIR endpoint is the only mechanism by which others (including the patient) can read that data.

What you can do with this endpoint

  • Read/write all standard FHIR resources

What you cannot do with this endpoint

  • Read data from other sources


A Customer FHIR endpoint can be made available in either STU3 or R4 versions of FHIR.

The endpoint will support the full range of REST interactions for all resource types in the corresponding version of FHIR.

The CapabilityStatement on each endpoint will detail the full capabilities available for use.


Each Customer endpoint will be given a dedicated subdomain URL on the corresponding server environment.

For example, PKB's sandbox environment has a server host address of:

The corresponding Customer FHIR endpoint for Acme might be:



OAuth 2.0 System Client Credentials

Callers should obtain an access token by using the OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials workflow.

Note: the token endpoint is different from the one used for the Facade and Messaging FHIR endpoints, and the tokens are not interoperable.




Customer FHIR endpoints only support system-level access, and consequently user-level access (such as NHS Login) cannot be used to access them.

Validation and business rules

A Customer endpoint will only apply simple syntax validation to the FHIR resources provided. No other business rules or profile validation will be performed.

However, if you would like your FHIR resources to be included in the Aggregated FHIR endpoint then you must make sure your data meets the constraints enforced by the aggregator - see the business rules information for details.

A Customer cannot currently check the processing outcome of the attempt to include a resource in the aggregated data set.


See the Examples page for step-by-step examples of how to send and fetch FHIR data.


Please see the Customer Roadmap page for planned changes to this endpoint.