Introduction to Advanced Questionnaires

Advanced Questionnaires functionality

The Advanced Questionnaires functionality in PKB allows users to view and complete questionnaires in the UI as and when required. The functionality is referred to as ‘advanced’ as it incorporates a number of new features which can be used to make more complex and intuitive questionnaire templates.

These new features include:


Rollout plan

The Advanced Questionnaire functionality is being rolled-out in separate phases. To see what is currently available and what features are planned for release soon, look here.

There are also some features which PKB plan to develop but have not been scheduled yet and therefore we are unable to provide an estimate of where these will become available. A list of these features can be found here.


Advanced Questionnaire APIs

The PKB Advanced Questionnaire APIs are a set of FHIR APIs that allow developers to integrate the Advanced Questionnaire functionality into their own applications. The APIs allow users to:

It is common for customers to want to use all three APIs as part of an automated questionnaire workflow. An explanation of this workflow, with example messages, can be found here.


Differences between the Simple APIs and Advanced APIs

Both sets of APIs are FHIR, however the previous Simple APIs used FHIR STU3 whereas the new Advanced APIs use FHIR R4.

If you are a customer who has already developed using the Simple APIs and want to move to the Advanced APIs, there are some differences in configuration which have been highlighted in these sections of the API specification:

Some fundamental changes to the functionality that you should be aware of are also:

  • Move from Practitioner ID to Team ID - Whereas the Simple questionnaires had to be sent on behalf of an individual practitioner, the Advanced questionnaires are sent on behalf of a Team, therefore a Team ID will need to be provided in every request, in place of a Practitioner ID.

  • Team ID required when pulling responses - With the Simple questionnaires it is possible to pull all questionnaire responses from across an entire organisation. With the Advanced questionnaires however, it is a requirement to specify a team that you would like to pull responses from. If you would like to pull responses from multiple teams, these will have to be done in multiple calls.


Planning Development

If you are ready to start working on an Advanced Questionnaire integration feed, your PKB Success Manager will start this process by asking for the scope to be provided in a Configuration Document. Once completed and agreed, development and testing can begin with the help from the PKB Integration Team and alongside a Technical Support document. A run through this process and example documents can be found here.



If you have been unable to find the information you are looking for, it’s always worth checking the FAQs page which lists common questions about the Advanced Questionnaire functionality and APIs.