Embed the PKB website in an iframe

Organisations can embed PKB in an iframe on their local website.


Organisations can embed the PKB login page in their local website.

How to add the PKB login page to a website

  1. PKB will whitelist your domain

  2. Choose the default team that you would like new patients to register into. PKB will provide you with the team code for this team so that you can include it in the PKB URL that you embed in your website. The format will be: my.patientsknowbest.com?team=team_code

  3. Use our sample code to embed PKB in an iframe on a page on your website: https://jsfiddle.net/3j8smvnw/

  4. When the patient logs in to PKB in the iframe, it will be launched in a new tab.


PKB website embedded in an iframe on a sample webpage between the header and footer



Professionals can access PKB records from their local system via single sign-on. PKB records can be opened in a web browser or an embedded iframe.

If you would like to embed PKB in an iframe:

  1. PKB will whitelist your domain

  2. Use our sample code to embed PKB in an iframe on a page in your local system: https://jsfiddle.net/3j8smvnw/

  3. Build a single sign-on integration so that professionals do not need to log into PKB from your local system each time.

PKB supports the use of iframes on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

There are known limitations with using PKB within an iframe:

  • PDF viewer does not work

  • If you view an image from Images, Events and Messaging or Plans, the image will open in a new tab on the user’s web browser outside the iframe.

  • We do not recommend using iframes on mobile devices because it’s difficult to do secondary scrolling within the iframe