Quick Guide to PKB APIs that enable data extraction

This guide is provided as a high level source of information for organisations looking to use PKB APIs in order to retrieve information from the PKB data repository.

Existing PKB APIs will support a range of use cases and are utilised by many different customers in a variety of ways.

However, our existing set of APIs have generally been built to meet a specific set of customer requirements and may have limitations in certain scenarios. It is therefore important their capabilities are understood within the context and scope of what any individual customer wishes to achieve.

At PKB we acknowledge that the desire to extract data from our data repository is becoming increasingly important to many of our current and future customers. In response to this, we have an ambitious and active FHIR API development roadmap for the next 18 to 24 months, which we strongly encourage our customers to engage with and help shape the direction of travel.

In respect of our current capabilities we have a range of APIs available, each of which is scoped to work based on the access being granted by either a patient, professional (clinician) or coordinator.

Further details about this can be found here:


Technical information about our APIs and how to utilise them is available here:


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