Get your own personal PKB record

Do you know you can get your own PKB record easily through the NHS Login?


In addition to using the PKB platform with the University, both students and professors are welcome to register for their own PKB record.


Creating your personal PKB record is free, and you can use it to add and manage your own health information. This will also allow you to experience PKB from a patient’s perspective, which can give another layer of empathy and understanding when you later work with patients.


PKB is used by clinical teams across the UK and Europe, so if you receive care from a clinical team who uses PKB, your record can be connected. You will be able to see information such as blood results and clinic letters, which you can access on your laptop or your phone. If this is not the case, you’d still be able to use PKB to manually add your own health data, and you’d be able to share it with the health professionals looking after you. The record isn’t geographically tied and will move with you if you move regions.


This account is held on a completely different server to our Education work, so the two accounts will never be linked.


How to register?


You can sign up by clicking on this link and using NHS login, which you may have created for your NHS Covid pass. PKB is integrated with the NHS App in certain regions - click this link to see if your region has switched on the functionality


For full instructions visit ​​our manual and watch our videos: