Electives and placements at PKB


To further support students in their learning of the tools of digital health and care, PKB offers internships and elective placements.

This is being introduced with a view to nurturing talented students who wish to learn more about the implications of a patient-controlled, electronic personal health records (PHRs) for patients and their health and social care providers.

The internship entails:

  • Delivering a practical project;

  • Shadowing internal calls (e.g. Project Managers’ calls, Stats team calls, UX team calls…);

  • Shadowing external calls with customers;

Each experience, including the calls to be joined and the type of project to be delivered, is tailored according to the students’ needs and the goals they want to achieve during their time with us. Each intern joins a PKB team which is related to their field of study, and is assigned to a Mentor, who acts as a guide and support for the student. Various teams that past interns joined are, for example, Product Development, Customer Success, and Software engineering. 

Go to our careers page to check whether we have positions available for internships, or contact education@patientsknowbest.com if you’d like to find out more. 

Interns' reflections and projects

Leicester Medical School students' experience - Summer 2021

Over the summer holidays in 2021, we offered recently offered 4 Leicester medical students an internship placement (learn more here). The students joined PKB teams that suited their interests - from product development and software engineering to information governance and customer success - and all spoke positively about their experience.
Find below the presentation they made, which is about their experience at PKB:

Leicester Medical School student essay - Summer 2022

Our intern Joshua Ingram, who joined us during the summer of 2022 from the University of Leicester Medical School, wrote an essay entitled  “How does a Digital Healthcare company deploy personal health records into healthcare institutions- An experience and fact based piece on Patients Know Best.

(Direct link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRjot4PlhVHSdV8Aoku1hw2xRZYslLMPvQbHGr4lavJiuNIu8LQE3rQMXkybBUtyQ/pub?embedded=true )

University of East Anglia student essay - Summer 2022

Our intern Ghania Tahir joined us during the summer of 2022 from the University of East Anglia Medical School. While with us, she wrote an essay entitled “How healthcare universities are using PKB to teach the tools of digital health and care - the importance of patient interaction for medical students”.