Are the students looking at real patients' records?

If you’d like to use PKB with our 'simulated model', the patients’ data would be fictitious, and no real patient would be involved. Our Production server, with real PKB users’ data, is distinct and separated from our Education server, that the universities use with their students.

If you’d like to use PKB with patient volunteers ('hybrid model'), and these patients already own a PKB record, they would need to create a new one for education purposes, on our education server. This record can be the exact copy of the one they have in the production server, but, in order to avoid confusion, it would be accessible only by the university, and not by the real GP and professionals that look after the patient.

Our ‘live model’ is the only one which implies the students would be looking at real records of real patient volunteers on our live, Production server. Students would be able to look at the records under direct tutor supervision, but wouldn’t be able to interact with the patients, to ensure safeguarding of the data. To find out more about how we protect patients data, read our manual page about IG at the following link: https://manual.patientsknowbest.com/legal/privacy.

Does PKB already have a pool of patient volunteers?

Not yet.

At this time, universities are interested in using their own existing volunteers (who come in person to meet students currently) or reaching out within their local community for volunteers.

PKB has a UX team who work with patients to improve the platform but these patients aren’t working with students.

Does PKB already have a pool of case study patients?

Yes. A the moment we have various case study patients that the universities can use, and we are creating new ones. Some of the ones already available are: a patient with breast cancer, one with IBD and asthma, one with heart failure, one with mental health illnesses and one with sexual health conditions.

Shall the university not wish to use these pre-made patients, the teaching team can send PKB other case study data and patient templates. PKB can then train the team on how to create these patients on the platform themselves, or create them on the university's behalf (depending on the case).

Does PKB have a prescription feature?

No, PKB is not used to generate prescriptions: in clinical deployments, our platform is used alongside existing systems, such as those used to generate prescriptions.

We have a section of the record dedicated to medications, where medications can be added, including the dose, the start and end date, the frequency of use and any instructions. These could be added by patient volunteers, by students or by the clinical tutor when setting up a case study patient.

In addition to the above information, it is possible to add an attachment to the medication, such as a prescription.

To learn more about our ‘Medicines’ feature, click on the following link: https://manual.patientsknowbest.com/patient/medicines